A FMD production for the Uganda Tourism Board

A challenge. An adventure. A success. Organizing a content production tour that has to cover places across all of Uganda in only 14 days was a challenge that my colleagues at FMD were keen to take on. So we set off with a team of five: One producer, one DOP, one YouTuber, one social media expert and with me as the photographer. Different places each day and we got amazing results!

A dream destination On our first day it already got clear. Tourism really hasn't come a long way here so far. It is an African country with such a great diversity in nature without all the touristic busyness that might interfere with one's experiences. Africa like you imagine it Kidepo National Park Kidepo National Park was our first location where we spent two days filming and capturing stills of the regional wildlife and landscapes. The classic African savanna Rafting in Jinja Rafting in Uganda? Yes. We didn't know what to expect until our last production day in Jinja when we met with our guides at the river Nile from where we started a rafting tour with the highest grading possible in rafting. It was impossible to stay inside the raft, trust me! The wildest rafting possible The remote south The most adventurous part of our trip definitely took place in the south of Uganda. Rugged roads, lake crossings and hikes through thick jungles made for quite an experience and challenge we won't forget. Green hills, jungles and volcanoes Cameleon Hill Lodge Lake Mutanda Chameleon Hill Lodge Bwindi German emigrant Doris Meisner designed and built this cozy lodge on a ridge from where you have a stunning view on Lake Mutanda and the surrounding volcanoes. From here we started our trips to local villages and coffee producers. The Lodge with the best view (and the best showers) Murchison Falls In Murchison Falls National Park we got great wildlife shots but the main attraction were the waterfalls. From our lodge, the Baker's Lodge, we took off by boat which took us to the foot of the lower falls where we got on land and from where we hiked up to the top of the falls to get our shots. A beautiful park with impressive waterfalls jinja wildwaters lodge The hotels we stayed at The hotels we stayed at were all stunning lodges and resorts. Sometimes we wished we could have experienced them longer - or at least during day light, since most of the times we arrived late in the evening when it got dark already. Watch Thomas Alex Normans YouTube Vlogs to see where we stayed! A different hotel each night- for 14 days. Drones in Uganda Yes! It is highly forbidden to fly drones in Uganda. We had a special permission for our job and still we had to leave our drones at the airport until 24hours later our paper work got approved. The most frequently asked question.

Lion on a tree A Lion on a tree | Kidepo National Park Murchison Falls from above Murchison Falls from above Murchison Falls National Park Wild White Water Rafting on the River Nile Rafting on the river Nile Gorilla at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Chimp at Kibale National Park Chimp | Kibale National Park Chimp | Kibale National Park Chimp | Kibale National Park Fisherman on the river Nile Hippo Bakers Lodge Hippo at Bakers Lodge Road to bwindi impenetrable national park Road to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park



Thank you to all partners, clients and friends. No project would be as great without you!

Thomas Alex Norman
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