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Switzerland Tourism

Winter projects in the Swiss cantons of Valais, Graubünden and Bern

St. Moritz nacht wallpaper Switzerland - The outdoor paradise next door Being only two hours away by car, Switzerland is the closest destination to my home that I have worked with so far. The most recent projects brought me to the cantons of Valais, Graubünden and Bern during winter season to promote skitouring on one hand and on the other hand "summer sports" for winter guests.

Stunning sceneries Projects in the Alps always come with great sceneries. During our winter projects I got to experience the 'Bernina Express', a train that goes from Chur in Switzerland all the way to Italy over the Alps. It was a great experience capturing this scenic ride on camera and great to see that it went viral on the web. The beautiful Alps Adventurous journey If possible I choose to drive to all destinations in Switzerland by car. The drive already inspires me and gives me an opportunity to capture b roll footage around which I can later build the story. Arriving early, staying late Working with athletes Over the past few years I have worked for many outdoor/ adventure companies, camera brands and tourismboards that all -at some point- had (extreme) action sports on their agenda. Some clients brought in professional athletes and some didn't. Guess which projects were far more successful? It is a game changer Unusal activities Together with Graubünden tourism I worked on a project called "summer sports in winter" which had the goal to inspire their audiences to enjoy activities that they usually know from summer such as mountain biking with fat bikes, ice climbing instead of climbing, ice fishing instead of fishing or sleeping in wooden camping pods instead of actual camping. It was a great eyecatcher since everyone expects to see classic winterports content on social media during these times. Summer sports in winter? Hidden Secrets On my project with MySwitzerland the goal was to inspire their audiences to try new ski routes instead of just hitting the most popular ones. With beautiful pictures, great athletes and motivated creators we all achieved this goal. Follow the locals

Andri Ragettli x GoPro telemetry Data Splitboarding in Gstaad Splitboarding in Gstaad Eiskletterin in Pontresina Ice Climbing in Pontresina muottas muragl nacht Muottas Muragl, St. Moritz Nendaz at night Nendaz at night malojapass luftaufnahme Maloja Pass Julierpass Luftaufnahmen Julierpass Silvaplanersee Wind Surfen Ski Winterports, Lake Silvaplana Splitboarding in Gstaad Splitboarding in Gstaad



Thank you to all partners, clients and friends. None of the road trips would be as great without you!